Monday, June 27, 2011

Close - Drumsound & Bassline Smith

(@drumsound) (@basslinesmith)

As a huge fan of Drum and Bass, so glad this song came out, I was going through withdrawl. I have to say, I'm quickly becoming a DnB fan over Dubstep pretty much any day.

Coming Up - DaVe MaC Ft The Deans List & Ponce De'Leioun

Coming Up
(@itsthedeanslist) (@davemac) (@poncedeleioun)

Song just put out about a week ago, DaVe MaC is an up and coming hip-hop artist, he's sick, and definitely needs the attention he should be getting. Dude spits the first verse then is followed by Sonny Shotz from It's the Dean's List. 

Time Flies Tuesday (Under the Sea) - Timeflies (@timeflies)

Time Flies Tuesday (Under The Sea) 

Now most of you haven't heard of TimeFlies Tuesday, and that's alright but you need to check them out. This group is working hard and it shows. This latest track "Under the Sea" takes everyone's favorite song from The Little Mermaid and puts just an amazing hip-hop touch over the track. This is the first song that I've heard from them, but that just goes to show, there's a whole source of underground music that has yet be found.