Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Son, it's fucking cold and snowy outside.

Can't even imagine how bad it is back down at Radford, it's bad enough here as it is. On the upside, I get to bring you that much more music, and if you had any idea how much I downloaded and went through today, you would probably laugh.

There's something about us under the sheets - Ellie Goulding / Daft Punk
I don't think I've had this song turned off at all since I downloaded it, it just flows. I think the smooth under the radar beat of Daft Punk's hit song just is in such sync with Ellie Goulding's voice and the song just works. This is a song to listen to if you are just winding down at the end of the day or just want to let loose a little bit. Being that "Something about us" itself is a slow song compared to the other fast paced songs that DP normally puts out, the mash-up is just soothing. 

Wings - Ryan Lewis & Macklemore
This truly is the year of Macklemore, it's still early to tell but he is ripping up the hip hop scene. I know, it's been said before that Macklemore is so catchy because he does rap about real life things, things that matter to the rest of us. He raps about things that any given person can relate to, from his song "American" - a song for cowboy loving, terrorist fighters, and just your average football fanatic all the way to "Irish Celebration" - a song describing the struggle that the Irish families had to overcome to make it to America. He puts thought and his soul into each rap that he writes and somehow still manages to stay somewhat out of mainstream which I don't understand. I expect many more great things from this extremely talented rapper.

Pretty Little Penthouse - Tayyib Ali (Prod. by Brenton Duvall)
"I want to love you PYT Pretty Young Thing" sound familiar at all? I'm sure as soon as you click play on this song you'll recognize the hook. Needless to say Brenton Duvall is popping up all over the hip-hop market, remixing his way with so many different artists. This time he's teamed up with Tayyib Ali to create a just downright nasty, with Ali rapping over the ever present PYT background and Duvall just completely destroying the track, it's definitely a keeper.

Ain't No Mountain High Enough(D.O.D Remix) - Marvin Gaye
Let's just think back way back old school for a minute, who doesn't remember this song and love it? Marvin Gaye was definitely was one of the kings of soul back in his day, and who knew there would be a DJ brave enough to attempt remixing the song? Needless to say this remix comes out as such a banging song it should be a standard in most clubs soon, everyone can respect old school every now and then. Put this song through your headphones or your banging sound system and crank the volume to 11 because once the song starts it's gonna have you moving.

Comes to an End - Cam Meekins
Words can't express how amazed I am at this rapper..... this dude is 17 years old! He spits hard, hard, hard and has a hook in this song that is just too catchy. If you've ever felt bullied in your life, known someone who thought about suicide, this song should hit straight home in your heart. Cam just spills his heart out about how much of a problem bullying is, and how it really effects people. "I ain't mad no, but I'mma be happy when I leave this Earth", truly a serious song in my eyes and I hope that it will be brought to the mainstream very soon. 

Scrapertown: The Original Scraper Bike Team
I know, I know the beginning of the video is kinda comedic, you think it's gonna be a rap video, but it's kind of the opposite. If you have to watch one video all the way through this week, definitely check this out.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Making this quick....

Hell yeah I'm pumped, too bad I couldn't get more people to come with me but it's alright I'll still rock it out.

Dreams Up - Hoodie Allen
This upbeat hip hop song from an indie white rapper is just mesmorizing it's just something that your ears will just love. 

Winner - Mac Miller
Now it's no joke that I'm a HUGE Mac Miller fan, I just love all of his work, from his earliest mixtapes even now to the singles that he puts out. I feel that he will keep climbing and climbing until he's the best, keep it real Mac.

Da Cali Anthem - Rusko
Taking "California" and completely spinning it into a sick techno song is just unnecessarily amazing and I'll definitely be looking out for more singles later from this artist.

Throwing this in there because of his amazing dubstep routine that is just too sick honestly.

Promise I will do more of a write up when I get home but I got stuff to doooooo, get ready for this janx tonight. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Writing while watching the Patriots-Jets game.

Fourth quarter just started and while I'm rooting big time for the Patriots seeing how this is the playoff game they just aren't delivering, so why focus on the bad when I could focus on this update?

Demons (Sigma Remix) - Fenech-Soler 
Just found this song about..... oh 3 minutes ago? UKFDubstep still doesn't disappoint, this was their latest upload and it immediately captured my attention. Smooth bass line, smooth vocals, and just a relaxing dubstep song. Definitely check it out.

Blue Skies (Flux Pavillion Remix) - Jamiroquai
This song I've kept close for some time now and it is possibly one of the greatest songs to listen to while you aren't doing anything, just sitting back and listening to music. If you can't figure out what I'm talking about then you don't really need to know...... But seriously, put this song, turn up the volume, sit down, and just let yourself absorb the music. The combination of chilling vocals, steady background noises, and the ever present pinging sound just makes the song what it is. Spark up and listen.

Darling - Kids these Days
Alright so this song actually caught my ear's attention because of the fact that it opened up with "Darling, I still love you". It sounded great, haven't had much in the way of alternative music coming out, then the drum set kicked in, and the hip hop feel took over. I was instantly hooked, you've got out of the normal instruments such as a trombone and trumpet playing in the song. There's a female vocal that makes an appearance a time or two and it just works perfectly with the chorus voice and the voice that sings the hip hop. This group has the ability to go far I bet, just will have to keep this group in mind and watch what they will be coming out with in the not too far future.

Barbara Streisand - Duck Sauce
Sometimes you have to watch the music video to a song just because of how comedic the video is, that's this song. It's one of those songs that just makes you want to get up and move, an upbeat techno song as it is. I am confused about why they chose Barbara Streisand out of all of the celebrities that are out there, I guess it's the randomness of the celebrity that makes the video/song that much more comedic? I feel like the artist were completely blazed when they came up with the idea for the song. "Let's make a completely random song about a celebrity... then add a completely hilarious music video". Whatever they did, it works completely.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Quick update.

I know! I just posted an update last night and now I'm posting one this morning, could be a one time occurrence so I wouldn't get used to it. But I figured since a few more people are reading this now I might be able to throw out an extra update, plus I just have a few songs that I need to get out there.

Fire - Josh Cocktail
I found this video the other day and the author who posted it described him as a "James Blunt" sound a like or around that area. I decided to give it a listen in the background while I continued just browsing the internet  and was definitely surprised in a good way. It starts off with a soft piano that you can tell will just build up to a great song. Josh Cocktail's voice is something that is just nice to listen to and overall the song is just great. Check this guy out.

Rise - Matt Easton
This is my favorite song of the week hands down, and I'd never even heard of Matt Easton. You know he starts off the song just talking about keeping your head up and he's going to rise. He just talks about all the haters that are out there which is easily understandable cause this guy has skill. He says time and time again that he's not going to give up, he's going to keep making music like he does. I don't think this guy can be easily stopped, he just has extremely steady beats and it's something you'll listen to. When I say this is my favorite song of the week I mean that I haven't hit next one time it's come on, seriously encourage you to listen to this.

Carousel - Blink 182(Robotic Pirate Monkey Remix)
Alright so how many of us out there just like a song that you can sit back, close your eyes and just drift away listening to? I think most people you know, it's time to take a break from the heavy, heavy bass that dubstep has to offer. I know, I know that's some of the whole point of dubstep but I know you all know what I'm talking about. This song serves exactly that purpose, it takes the popular song Carousel from Blink 182 and puts a techno spin onto it. It's got the super nice mix of guitar from Blink and then just a techno beat in the background that just goes perfectly with  the song. If you haven't heard of Robotic Pirate Monkey before I highly recommend that you check him out, he's done remixes of songs such as: Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith, Mr. Brown - Bob Marley, Disarm - Smashing Pumpkins, and my personal favorite Party & Bullshit in the U.S.A. - Mix of Miley Cyrus and Notorious BIG.

El Jefe Hallelujah - J. Tonal
In keeping up with the latest dubstep craze it's kind of hard to keep solid good music coming out that hasn't quite yet been discovered but I hope that everyone likes the songs that I'm putting out. This song actually I found off a mixtape on "" and was instantly a fan. The song actually starts off slow then builds up to a sick banger song. It's a song that although may be thought of as seasonal is still a great dubstep track to listen to at any time of the year.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Been a busy time for me, you know college starting back up but I'm here don't worry! Albeit a little slow...
Going to be bringing some music that was all recommended to me by friends this week.

Hilltop Hoods - Chase that Feeling
I actually got an unexpected ride home the other day from my friend Brandan whom I hadn't seen in a while and he started pumping some really good hip hop through his car. He started talking about this group called Hilltop Hoods that were based out of Australia, they sounded tight. I got home and was blown away, this group is fantastic, especially because they just have that accent that you normally don't hear in everyday hip hop. Definitely check this group out, they are just too nasty.

Sonny Moore - Father Said (Dubstep Remix)
I posted my status on facebook as dubstep = life and started getting crazy amounts of likes from people that I had no idea liked dubstep. Even better I started getting some suggestions on different songs too including this song that my boy Tyler posted. I've had this song on repeat nonstop along with a few others for all day it's just too nasty. I still don't know how "find me on broadway" has anything to do with the song but there's gotta be some significance to it.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Irish Celebration
I posted the latest video from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis "My Oh My"(see below) today just because the music video is so powerful. The actual song came out a while ago but I found the video last night, it must have been just published or something because I normally try to keep up with the latest music news. I got a comment from my friend Oliver saying that I need to check out 2 other songs; "Otherside" and "Irish Celebration". I looked them up not knowing what to expect but Irish Celebration really hit home for me being Irish myself I take my heritage very seriously. Macklemore talks about those Irish men who took the boat to New York and it really hit home because it describes the same way my family got to America. Seriously well done Macklemore and props to Oliver to letting me know about the song.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - My Oh My
This song is seriously powerful and if you watch the video you can actually feel how strong the lyrics are and the dedication to Dave Niehaus. If you have any ties to baseball at all then I seriously recommend checking this music video out, it's seriously emotional, meaningful, and just an overall great song. I even had to download the video just so I could throw it on my iPhone and watch it whenever.

Going to do something a little out of the ordinary this week as well and post a video of some crazy dancing by  Joseph Reilly & Sean Hoffman. I was sent this video last night and watched it once, twice, then a third time. In all honesty the first time I watched it through I was more than anything trying to figure out what song it was and where I knew it from. But once I had it figured out and started to watch the actual dancing I was blown away, definitely check this video out as well as the uploader's page.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

From my personal library

Almost forgot today posting new music but don't worry I haven't completely forgot about you all.

311 - Amber
This song is I think one of my most favorite, anytime I want to sit back, chief, or relax I put this song on, nothing really beats it. It's not new, I know this it's been around for quite a while but it's still an amazing song.

Jay-Z and The Verve - Dirt off your shoulders(Bittersweet Remix Mashup)
Just another song that isn't new, hasn't become wildly popular all of a sudden, or popped up. It's just a great mashup that most people can agree that the two songs combine perfectly.

Kid Cudi - Maui Wowwie
There's not much I can't say about this song, just listen to it and you'll know what I'm saying. It's just indescribable.

Brenton Duvall - Mean Planes and Taylor Gangs
Who doesn't love Taylor Swift AND Taylor Gang? I mean they're both incredible artists in their own element, country and hip hop. This mash up was even described almost perfectly as Taylor Swift + Wiz Khalifa = B.O.B. + Hayley Williams. It's almost true to a certain extent, but the fact that this song wasn't created at once it was all mashed up is just amazing.

That's it for now, hope everyone's enjoying their new year!

Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm slacking, going slow.

I know I know, I should be putting out new music daily or every two days.... my fault, been a tad busy. I'll make up for it I promise.

Asher Rother & Raw - Comin and Going
Asher came out with a new mixtape! Despite all my new music coming out, Asher has been and always will be one of my biggest hip hop roots, he set the tone for white rappers aside from Eminem in my mind.

Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes - Look at me now
Woah....... this came out of nowhere! This song has a sick just laid back beat that you wouldn't expect between any of the three artists. Of course I'm a personal Busta fan so this track had nothing to prove to me I knew it'd go hard and it really does. Wayne..... yeah he does alright but not many people can match the speed at which Busta goes in at.

Ok Go - This soon shall pass
Alright yeah, this song has been out for a hot minute but I had never seen the music video until I had found it today. As a past band geek myself this video is amazing, I can't even think about how long it took for the whole group to finish the arrangement.
edit: here's another video for the song also as shocking.

Chris Webby ft. Miss Daja - Weirdo
If I haven't converted you to a Chris Webby fan yet, I honestly don't know what I can do except put out of one my favorites off his newest mixtape. He just released his "Best in the Burbs" mixtape which is just too sick, it's getting blown up by webby fans everywhere. I cannot stress enough how amazing this newest tape is, it just redefines hip hop.

I'll be back don't worry, gotta make up for the slow posts.