Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We are the 99 - DJ i6

We are the 99

Bringing you a sick mashup from an unheard artist I'm sure, but this is just too good to keep hidden. The mashup includes big artists such as; Lil Jon, Tiesto, Flo Rida and Tinie Tempah just to name a few. Plug this into your ipod and crank the volume all the way up and just jam.

Shogun - GRiZ


When a track opens with "All aboard!" from "Crazy train", you know there's just gotta be something interesting in there. GRiZ does not disappoint one bit with this track, it's kind of a smooth level of dubstep. There's no super heavy drops but don't let that deter you, it's still a great dubstep track.

2020 (Official Music Video) - SOL


Well this is something different from a hip hop artist, it's insanely "refreshing" to listen to. There's no super heavy bass or screwing with the vocals. It's just Sol with a bunch of instruments in the background while he goes in and does his thing. Definitely keep this artist on the radar for music, I'm expecting big things.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Seven Nation Army - Sampler and Kohary [REMIX]

Seven Nation Army
(@sampler) (@kohary)

Everyone has heard the glitch mob remix on this song which is great don't get me wrong, but for us hardcore house fans. This is the shit. Starts of smooth and dives right into a glitchy remixed guitar sound which just flows perfectly with the bass booming.

In The Air - Adam F vs SonicC

In the Air
(@adamf) (@sonicc)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Adam F is in the building! Sick party opener, pop this on while getting ready to go out or while driving out to the club and it'll get you bumping.  He does a nice job of screwing the vocals and placing them in the right spot.

Monday, January 9, 2012