Sunday, December 25, 2011

Young Wild and Free ft. Bruno Mars - Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa (Official Music Video)

Young Wild and Free ft. Bruno Mars

Levels - Avicii (Official Music Video)

Levels(Official Music Video)

If you're a fan of great dancing you'll enjoy this just because we have all felt like saying "F*ck the work and let's dance".

"Lego House" (Rudimental Remix) - Ed Sheeran

Lego House (Rudimental Remix)

Can honestly say I've never heard of Ed Sheeran but the remix of his song Lego House is just nice. That's the best way to describe it is: nice. It's super smooth, chill and just a great song to lay back and listen to when you're just relaxing. Would definitely check this track out.

Internet Friends - Knife Party

Internet Friends

I'm a little behind on releasing this track featured on the EP "100% No Modern Talking" from Knife Party. This track was the most anticipated off of the EP causing the actual EP to become "unhost-able" on facebook because of the jokes that were made throughout the song. The album was so popular that it accrued over 50,000 downloads in 12 hours and at that point it was just completely blocked on Facebook.

Page for the EP:

Ladi Dadi (Part II) - Steve Aoki feat. Wynter Gordon

Ladi Dadi(Part II)

If you're looking for a club banger to get the night started off right or even pregame to this will be your track. It's extremely heavy with many drops that are just disgustingly good to listen to. Wynter's vocals throughout the track are just perfect to go with the vibe that Aoki lays out.

CrushCrushCrush (Jonbrah and Scalpe Remix) - Paramore

CrushCrushCrush (Jonbrah and Scalpe Remix)

Crushcrushcrush was the song that came out which made Paramore almost instantly famous, well Hayley Williams at least(before the nude photos). This electronic remix puts a fresh take on the original song which makes it just so much better in my opinion. Fades and flows in the right places which don't damage the sound at all.

Seven Nation Army (Remixed ft. The Glitch Mob) - The White Stripes

Seven Nation Army (Remixed ft. The Glitch Mob)

Seven nation army itself was extremely popular with most of the rock / alternative groups when it came out. The Glitch Mob came out with this song a while back, having it actually featured in the G.I. Joe trailer. It's great because the remix has a glitchy sound to it making it dirtier than the original.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Electronic Megamix - Adam F

Electronic Megamix

Adam F killed this mix when he DJ'd at Cable in London, he put together a great mix of songs that just flow together perfectly. The only thing that is kind of off putting is the constant vocals throughout the entire mix but I mean, when you're DJing you decide what goes. So mad props to this guy for getting out there and just going HARD on the track lists.

Download Link

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

100% No Modern Talking' EP - Knife Party``

100% No Modern Talking EP 

Watch out for this group, when it's EP drops monday it's going to be sick. Takes kind of the same old same old dubstep and throws in a couple sick vocals and new twists on the dirty drops.

Gregory's Theme (Miss Nine Remix) - Basto!

Gregory's Theme (Miss Nine Remix)

How often can you find a great DJ that's also an amazing looking girl? Seriously this girl has some great trance music pumping out and just may be my new crush.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Big thanks!

Just wanted to do a quick write up before I head off to bed. I'd like to thank everyone that's viewed this site at least once. As of tonight I just hit 30,000 views overall so Thank you. Without all of my readers, this wouldn't have been possible.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jump Back (ft. Foreign Beggars) - Flux Pavilion & SKisM

Jump Back (ft. Foreign Beggars)
(@fluxpavilion) (@skism)

A lot of people liked the Foreign Beggars track I put out a while back and Flux Pavilion is a beast himself, so what better to do than post a track featuring the both of them and skism? This a great vocal dubstep track.

Relapse (ft. Sam Nafie)

Relapse (ft. Sam Nafie)

"You're pushing me back, why can't you see that?" Oh man I cannot stop playing this song, it's been in my library for a while now but I couldn't bring myself to post it just quite yet. Great "medium" dubstep, not too heavy but not all that soft either.

Falling Down - Sub Focus

Falling Down

Such a cool track, I woke up this morning to find UKF Dubstep had posted this and I was just smitten by how great the sound was. Nice smooth vocals at the right time, which for me is great because I'm not into all the heavy, dirty, gritty dubstep that seems to be taking over. Sure there's great singles but I'll stick to my trance roots.