Saturday, September 29, 2012

Reload (Original Mix) - Sebastian Ingrosso and Tommy Trash

Reload (Original Mix)
(@sebastianingrosso) (@tommytrash)

Wowwwwwww, this track. Words cannot explain how epic this song is. The first time that I listened to this I had to replay it right again over because of how sick it is. The techno club banger is so sick to listen to, find the best headphones you have and turn this all the way up. The build in the beginning starts with just the opening beats and from there it just builds and builds.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012



Wtf are those letter on top of the screen? Possibly the funniest music video I've seen in a good minute, ranks right up there with Mackelmore's "Thrift Shop"

Let Me Oh - E-dubble

Let Me Oh

Bringing you a great hip hop party track by a guy known as E-dubble. This hip hop track was released about 2 years ago but just discovered by me the other day and it's great! This is definitely something you can put on your playlist and get the whole party jumping and bumping to the beat. Check out his other music!

Happy People(Original Mix) - Madras and Tiger

Happy People(Original Mix)
(@madras) (@tiger)

Need a refreshing club banger to spice up your party mix? Try this song out for size, the simple boom of the bass in the beginning is just the start of a dirty, dirty electronic banger. The vocals start a little ways in before the beat drops and the song really begins. I found this while just going through my iPod music one day, sadly I have no idea where I got it from but it's great

Allein(Original Mix) - Pryda

Allein(Original Mix)

I'm sure some of you recognize this artist's name, and that's because this is Eric Prydz. This great techno track will have the speakers pumping and the people moving. There's no reason to not just wake up and blast some techno to get ready for the day, you gotta get your day started in style.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reset - Approaching Nirvana


If you ever needed an electronic song to just sit back, relax and unwind from the day, this would be the one I pick for the week. The synthesized beats in the song are just chill, that's the best way to describe it in one word. Just plug in the earphones sit back and listen.

Rattle - Bingo Players Remake (by FFMSpiderMan)


Sometimes pump up songs don't even need to have much content to them but still get the job done. This is one of those songs which I actually found in a COD montage and just had to host it. The song "Rattle" by Bingo Players (remade by FFMSpiderman) is just great to listen to because it has a good beat and is just catchy.

Tell Me - The Specktators

Tell Me

Sick hip-hop song coming from an up and coming group; The Specktators. This single Tell Me is just plain sick, the beat kind of sounds like something Drake would come out with. The actual singing is sick too, flows too well with the rest of the song. Definitely be on the look out for these guys and their mixtape that drops Oct. 11th.