Sunday, June 10, 2012

Falling (Dexcell Remix) - Seasfire

Falling (Dexcell Remix)

Bringing some new stuff today from an artist that I have never heard before, either the remixer nor the remixee. This smooth sounding electronic track is just something that's great to sit back and listen to while relaxing or trying to focus. 

Somebody To Love (Sigma Remix) - Rusko

Somebody To Love (Sigma Remix)
(@rusko) (@sigma)

Most people love Rusko, I know myself personally I haven't even found a song that I don't like of his yet. Sigma took "Somebody to Love" and threw a unique but smooth sounding remix that keeps you sitting back in your chair and just relaxing. Clock play and have a listen.

Through The Night (Ft. Tom Cane) - Drumsound & Bassline Smith

Through The Night (Ft. Tom Cane)
(@drumsound) (@basslinesmith)

Every so often you just get a great electronic track with vocals in the background and this DnB banger does just that. Drumsound and Bassline Smith have been around a bit and I believe that I've posted a couple of their tracks in the past, all of them great.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

House/Trance/Dubstep/Techno Megamix [AngeloidsForte]

House/Trance/Dubstep/Techno Megamix [AngeloidsForte]

Bringing another incredibly long mix to all my electronic listeners out there to toss on and just sit back and chill. This sick mix keeps the right tempo and beat going the entire way through, rising and falling in the right places.

Welcome To Jamrock (GRiZ Remix) - Damian Marley

Welcome To Jamrock (GRiZ Remix)
(@griz) (@damianmarley)

Following that tune up with one more reggae electronic hybrid, that's equally as sick to listen to. Damian Marley seems to becoming quite big in the remix and electronic department, as quite a few of his songs are being turned into bangers. 

Can't Keep Me Down (ft. Damian Marley) - Rusko & Cypress Hill

Can't Keep Me Down (ft. Damian Marley)
(@rusko) (@cypresshill)

Man I love a good reggae-electronic hybrid song, and the team up of Rusko and Cypress Hill is just too deadly. This single off of the latest EP by the two groups is just amazing listen to, even more so when you listen to the actual lyrics. Put this track on replay because the sound is infectious.

GQ Podcast : Dirty Electro Mix & Smooth DnB Guest Mix [Ep.26]

GQ Podcast : Dirty Electro Mix & Smooth DnB Guest Mix [Ep.26]

Bringing it here today with a sick ass electro mix that is made by GQ Podcasts. So far I'm about 20 minutes in and I'm just blown away, this is just great music to turn your volume up and jam to. Definitely will being going on my dope playlist, click play and enjoy.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Hardstyle Mix

Been a minute since I've update, but would really like to keep the motivation to keep this blog updated and continue bringing you all good music, whichever genre it happens to fall into. Bringing it back in a big way though, this hardstyle mix is something that is definitely something to jam to, no matter what you're doing.