Friday, November 23, 2012

Sweet Nothing ft. Florence Welch (Diplo and Grandtheft Remix) - Calvin Harris

Sweet Nothing ft. Florence Welch
(@diplo) (@grandtheft) (@calvinharris)

If you listen to electronic music, chances are you've heard of this guy Calvin Harris. You may not have heard of Diplo or Grandtheft though. Diplo is known for doing C'mon (Catch em by surprise)' with Tiesto and Busta Rhymes which was sick. Grandtheft has just been blowing it up in the electronic scene with his remix to "Cockiness" with Hedspin. This track is just so great, from the opening smooth vocals to the transition into the tapping snare in the backgound. The track just builds and builds until the bass drops, simply an epic track right here.
Grandtheft's Soundcloud can be found: here

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